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About Our Personal Training Facility 

Tailored Fitness and Transformative Results

Feeling uneasy about taking the plunge into a personal training program? Nervous about stepping into the gym because you're unsure of what to do? Concerned about whether you're currently in good enough shape to start, or perhaps worried that you might be too out of shape to begin? Have previous experiences at big-box chain gyms or in private small groups of 2 to 5 people left you frustrated, spending 30, 60, or 90 minutes on sessions that feel mindless and leave you questioning the value for money? Are you stuck in the routine of repeating the same exercises day in and day out, with no tangible results to show for your efforts? We understand these concerns all too well, and we're here to support YOU.


That's why we created 

The Gym Connection

A completely revolutionized personal training experience in the Hub of Morris County. 

At our boutique personal training gym, your health and fitness are our top priorities.  Every session, our personal trainers create custom workout plans that will keep you engaged from warm-up to cool down and leave you wondering how fitness can be this fun. 

We focus on why life needs you fit– no two individuals will ever have the same workout. Our tailored training will help you achieve transformational change– and finally, see the fitness results you’re after

Come experience the power of one hour in our safe, supportive, and semi-private facility in the heart of Denville, NJ.

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The TGC Team:



Meet James, the visionary behind The Gym Connection. James embarked on his fitness journey by establishing Berman Fitness, a premium in-home personal training service. In 2012, he expanded his passion and expertise by founding Excel Fitness Personal Training in Denville, NJ. Recognized as a prominent figure in the fitness community, James was featured in a 2013 New York Times article as an expert in Body Weight Training. His achievements extend to a notable write-up in Mountain Lakes Living magazine.

With a rich history of contributions, James proudly holds the 1993 World Tae Kwon Do Championship Participation Pin, awarded for his outstanding work with fighters from five countries. His commitment to excellence has also earned him a Certificate of Appreciation from The United States Air Force.

In 2021, James took his commitment to fitness to new heights by rebranding Excel Fitness Personal Training to The Gym Connection. His dedication is reflected in the 14 certifications he holds in Personal and Group Fitness Training from esteemed organizations such as NASM, NETA, TRX, and Dragon Door.

Join James on your fitness journey at The Gym Connection, where expertise meets inspiration.

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Max joined our team in 2012, bringing a unique blend of talent and expertise. As a professional dancer, he has graced the stages for the NJ Devils and the 2014 Super Bowl. Max's captivating performances extend to television appearances on Nickelodeon’s Nick Cannon show, the Harry Connick Jr Christmas special, and various other shows.

In addition to his remarkable dance career, Max holds certifications in Personal Training from AFAA, TRX, Dragon Door, Yoga Teachers certification, Zumba, Body Weight, and corrective exercise. With a passion for movement and wellness, Max contributes a dynamic and diverse skill set to our team.


Dr, Christy Montana

Dr. Christy Montana PT, DPT is a highly experienced physical therapist with over 24 years of expertise in orthopedics, sports medicine, and specialized training in women's and men's health concerns. With a focus on pelvic pain, incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and prenatal and postpartum care, Dr. Montana is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective treatment to patients. She holds a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Boston University and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Seton Hall University. She is a licensed physical therapist in good standing in the State of New Jersey (License: 40QA00836600).

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DG Writing Co.

Devon is a highly skilled professional with expertise in Internet marketing and copywriting. As our chief Internet marketing manager and copywriter editor, Devon plays a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing our website's content. With a keen eye for detail and a strong command of language, Devon is responsible for writing 90% of our engaging and informative blogs. Her dedication and passion for creating compelling content greatly contribute to our online presence and success.

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