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We offer a Personal Training Package for Every Budget. Find Your Perfect Fit!

Achieving your fitness goals should always be within reach.

That’s why we offer affordable month-to-month personal training packages to fit any budget. 

We offer three convenient membership tiers:



Includes 4 60-minute personal training sessions a month (1 session/week) 

If you're swamped with work and kids, or you’re a beginner who's new to exercise, this package is for you. It offers an introduction to training and allows you to build healthy habits without being overwhelming.


Includes 8 60-minute personal training sessions a month (2 sessions/week)

If you're comfortable with working out and ready to prioritize your fitness goals, this package is for you. It perfectly balances your training and your other responsibilities. The Silver Package is where you start to see steady progress in your health and wellness.



Includes 12 60-minute personal training sessions a month (3 sessions/week) 

If exercise is a non-negotiable in your weekly routine, then go for the gold.  Consistent training allows athletes to make significant progress in their strength, flexibility, endurance, and weight loss. If you're ready for a total health transformation, this package is for you.

unlimited monthly training

And if you need more 1:1 support to crush your fitness goals, you can choose an unlimited monthly training package. You'll get 1 training session a day every 30 days, which is perfect if you:

  • Have high-intensity fitness goals

  • Are training for an event like a bodybuilding competition or a marathon 

  • Want to see dramatic transformations in your strength and conditioning  


open gym membership

If you don't need the help of a personal trainer but want to work out in a safe, clean, judgment-free zone, we have a membership option for that too. 

We offer an open gym membership where you can train in our semi-private facility during normal business hours

And remember, we never make you sign a contract.

You can cancel at any time with a 2-week notice. 

Check out the monthly membership options at our semi-private Denville Studio below!

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