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 Try our Personalized Approach to Fitness

Offering tailored personal training in our semi-private Denville studio

Healthy Living Starts Here

At The Gym Connection, we put the ‘personal’ in personal training. We kick the cookie-cutter plans to the curb and adapt your training to your individual health and goals– because we know personal training is not one-size-fits-all

Just stepping into the fitness world but not sure where to begin? Been away from the gym for a while and ready to come home? Every fitness journey starts somewhere– and what better place to start yours than at TGC?

Our Denville gym is like training in your own private studio. Say goodbye to fighting for equipment in overcrowded gyms, and hello to 1:1 training in a safe and supportive environment.


We know taking that first step is often the hardest. So we want to help you take it with no strings attached. Come in for a Free session and experience firsthand the power of a personalized approach. It’s time to make your health your top priority. 

Because life needs you fit. 


Personal Training Memberships

Tried training in the past but didn’t get the results you were after? Unique results require a unique fitness approach. Our certified personal trainers offer customized coaching and tailored training plans for results that last. 

Schedule Your Free Evaluation!

Are you ready to move more, feel stronger, and live healthier? We’ve got you! Come in for a free fitness evaluation and discover how to become the best version of yourself. 

Stay Up To Date

The best way to connect with TCG? Follow us on Facebook! We share fitness tips and tricks, news from our Morris County community, and any updates to our facility.


Image by Brett Jordan

Great place to work and to train. I trained there every day and there’s no waiting in line to use the equipment. The gym is always kept clean and very organized.


James and his staff have your goals in mind! Having worked with James and trained at his facility, he seeks out the best methods of strength and conditioning to help you achieve your goals and peak physical condition.


Definitely the place to go for one-on-one focused training. I was going 3-4 days a week over 2 years and no day was ever the same.

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